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Langsungan aja ya gan!

>level 10
The Ruined Family [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Buddy Cassle (Einhoren)

1. Talk to Fers Hahnt
2. Talk to Godrich Haysbert
3. Talk to Buddy Cassle

* Wedge Blade
* Cutlass
* Gavel
* War Axe
>level 20
Lengthy Wait [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Buddy Cassle (Einhoren)

1. Talk to GrandMother
2. Kill 20 Drexter (can be found in J-7 of Del Lagos)
3. Talk to GrandMother
4. Collect 1 Necklace of Edwin (can be found beside the house of grandma)
5. Talk to Buddy Cassle

* Elemental Armor
* Elemental Tasset
* Elemental Helmet
* Elemental Gauntlets
* Elemental Boots
>level 25
The Falsely Accused Hero [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Buddy Cassle (Einhoren)

1. Talk to Buddy Cassle
2. Talk to Benedicto
3. Obtain Textbook on Theology (can be found at C-5 of Del Lagos)
4. Deliver to Benedicto
*Lesser Healing Remedy
*Lesser Mana Remedy
>level 30
Link to the Past
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Benedicto (Einhoren)

1. Talk to Benedicto
2. Obtain the Torn Catalogue (Kill Ekzine Warriors at Juba’s WaterClock)
3. Deliver to Benedicto

*Blook Dirk
*Bone Breaker
*Divine Maul
>level 35
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Benedicto (Einhoren)

1. Talk to Benedicto
2. Talk to Lacriss
3. Kill Specter (to obtain the key,
after this key, find the “returned box”)
4. Talk to Lacriss

* Armor of Darkness
* Tasset of Darkness
* Helmet of Darkness
* Gauntlets of Darkness
* Boots of Darkness
>level 40
The Beholder of the Forbidden Book[Party]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Lacriss (Lauke Monastery)

1. Talk to Lacriss
2. Obtain the Cruel Roha
(Kill the Demon Hezward at the last room of Lauke Monastery)
3. Deliver to Lacriss

*Skill Enhancement Stone
>level 45
The Gypsy Prophet Helena [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Helena (ezker island bindstone)

1. Talkt to Helena.
2. Obtain
*the Book of Lauke 1pc
*Elixir Potion Alchemy 25pcs
3. Deliver to Helena

*Chaos Stiletto
*Batwing Slasher
>level 50
The Passing Age [solo]
Race : HUman
Starting NPC : Rima Regenon (Queen of Vena)

1. Talk to Rima Regenon
2. Obtain the Gratt Fortress Appointment Letter x1 (kill Liom Boss – Lezemund)
3. Deliver to Rihit Del Lagos (King of Einhoren)

Faith of Edwin (Str+15 , HP+200)
Faith of Kish (Vit+15 , HP+200)
Faith of Pluion (Int+15 , HP+200)
Faith of Ka’el (Dex+15 , HP+200)
Faith of Trian (Psy+15 , HP+200)
Faith of Rai (Agi+15 , HP+200)
(correct me if I’m wrong)
>level 52
The Cold Season
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Norberto (level 1 of rahkon entrance)

1. Talk to Norberto
2. Obtain the Scratched Key
(Kill Chain armor tauric)
3. Obtain the Finished Report
(This can be fonud in Ravana/Tauric rooms)
4. Report to Norberto
5. Deliver to Agnes (at limestone foothill)

Imperial Topaz Ring (random attribute)
>level 55
The Place that Escaped Fate [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Agnes (Limestone Foothill)

1. Talk to Agnes
2. Deliver to Ghoster
(D9 of Varvylon / Shrouded Mansion west of Pine Plateau)
3. Deliver to Toaz (between G-H4 of Geizan)

>level 55
Behold the Truth [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Jerop (Limestone Foothill)

1. Talk to Jerop
2. Collect Pieces of Lost Account Book x30
(Kill Chaos Ursa at Varrow Forest between H-I8 of Geizan)
3. Deliver to Jerop

Rhodium Set p/mdef +16
>level 58
The identify of Merchants [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Jerop (Limestone Foothill)

1. Talk to Jerop
2. Collect Metal Stones of Chaos x30
(Kill Chaos Drake at Varrow Forest between H-I8 of Geizan)
3. Deliver to Jerop

Tormaline Set p/mdef +20

>level 60
First Conversation in 50 years [solo]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Jerop (Limestone Foothill)

1. Talk to Jerop
2. Obtain 5 Rainbow Trouts
3. Deliver to Rima Regenon (Queen of Vena)

Carnelian Ring/Bracer (random attribute)
>level 62
Humble Gratitude
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Rima Regenon (Queen of Vena)

1. Talk to Rima Regenon

Queen’s Pendant
>level 62
The Honorable Death [Party]
Race : Human
Starting NPC : Rima Regenon (Queen of Vena)

(you’ll be needing the Faith of *** in your invetory before getting this quest)
1. Talk to Rima Regenon
2. Talk to Rihit Del Lagos (King of Einhoren)
3. Shard of Baron Victor Vlen Hunt x1
4. Deliver to Rihit Del Lagos

Soul of Edwin (Str+20 , HP+300)
Soul of Kish (Vit+20 , HP+300)
Soul of Pluion (Int+20 , HP+300)
Soul of Ka’el (Dex+20 , HP+300)
Soul of Trian (Psy+20 , HP+300)
Soul of Rai (Agi+20 , HP+300)
(correct me if I’m wrong)

maksih, semoga bisa membantu.. hohoho.. ^^



Yupz, Inilah juga quest Solo yang ditunggu tunggu..

tapi maaf, masih dalam bahasa inggris juga, kalo mau mengartikan :, makasih.. oke kita mulai saja.. ^^

Level 10 quest “The Fiance of Ka’el Dutton”
Arien(located at the entrance when you used townbind=>Kainon=>and run in to Kainon), talk to Turmel and Zhonat Rotus both locatted inside the town of Kainon, use M to your advantage here.

Level 20 quest “Recollect the past”
Quaid Berkins(Kainon General near Guide Office inside Kainon Town), talk to Joshua(Southward inside Kainon town), kills 20 Apir Noble that can be found mostly in D3 of Morrisen/Kainon.

Level 25 quest “Unforeseen Obstacles”
Start with Joshua. Involves talking to Turmel, Quaid Berkins, Zibrian and ends with delivery to Zibrian.Belonging of Ka-El are located right outside GH. They are like crates called “Waste Pile” lying around on the ground and spawns randomly, but everywhere just around outside GH at coord C6.

Level 30 quest, “Immortal Love”
Talk to Robdun at Orc Fortress, then killing some Dark Soul(within Ahkma).

Level 35 quest, “From Exile”
Luake Monastery (off Vena) from Lacriss. You have to first kill spectres to get the staff to drop then open some big bags from each of the room in Luake Monastery and you get those quest items randomly.

Level 40 quest, “What Happened in the Monastery”
(off Vena) from Lacriss. Kill the boss Demon Hezward from lvl2 of Luake Monastery. Best to have a good lvl6x+ pt to assist you, tough boss with magical ranged and stun.

Level 45 quest, “The Gypsy Prophecy”
Helena (from Ezker bind, buy a Ezker Bind Scroll from GH), you need 25 Elixir(not lesser or anything, just Elixir) and a Book of Luake which you can purchase at 200 crones from Oneal Ezker Island Peddler (located at Ezker bind, just few steps away from Helena)

Level 50 quest, “How Times Flies”
Zhonat Rotus (from Kainon town), fighting a easier boss Orc Knight in Armana Manor located near Oct Fortress. It inflict melee attacks but not entirely hard, he is soloable if you are 6x, if not best to get a priest friend to company you.

Level 52 quest, “The Cold Season”
Norberto (Rahkon Lvl1 entrance, enter a structure North of Limestone Bind and at the entrance you find Norberto), This involved finding a Key and a Noberto Box. Key can be obtained from Chain Armor Tauric and Box is located randomly, usually at Tauric Room or Ravanna Room. However, please be reminded that you can hunt the Key in party, but not open the Box in party mode. If not both keys will be consumed. This happened to me as i forgot to withdraw from party and had to endure another session alone finding the key as my partner completed and left >_<. Basically, best do your solo quest in Solo mode, apart from boss quests.

Level 55 quest, “Behold The Truth”
Jerop (at Limestone bind, one of the tentage). You be killing some really easy Chaos Ursa located at Map Geizan, coord i8-9.

Level 55 quest, “The place that Escaped Fate”
Agnes (from Limestone bind, Limestone Foothill Guard, right beside the bind, person whom you save your bind with), Delivering report to 2 personnels, 1 called Ghoster 1 called Toaz. Ghoster is at Shrouded Mansion West of Pine Plateau Bind or South of LimeStone Bind. Locating him is tricky… he is located at the frontal part of the Mansion, at the specters site. A first-person directions will be, enter the very main front entrance of Shrouded, you see on your right specters, but continue frontward and on your right again at the 2nd site, you will see Ghoster. Structural based directions will be taking 4 corners from the very front entrance, he is at the North-East corner of the specter site. If you cant locate him still, just walk to each of the 4 corner of the specter site, and you gotta be very near before you can see him, a true Ghoster ~_~”. Toaz is just located at Geizan Map coord H4.

Level 58 quest, “The Identity of Merchants
Jerop(at Limestone bind, one of the tentage). This time you head back to Map Geizan, coord i8-9 killing some Chaos Drake.

Level 60 quest, “First Conversation in 50 years”
Jerop(once again at Limestone Bind). 5 rainbow trout for this quest. Fish it..and with luck, if not buy them =x And submit them to Queen of Vena, and i hope you dont get bugged out, cuz you should receive a Queen Pendant. If not please kindly approach a GM on live messenger for assistance.

Level 62 quest, “The Honorable Death”
To talk to Rihit Del Lago(King Of Einhoren/Human town), get the authority to hunt Shard of Baron Victor Vlen boss, then proceed to Black Dragon Santuary at Geizan C8 with a party to kill it. This boss can be done and finished in party. Get some good min 7x DD and priest to go with you. Can be very tough if you attempt at 6x, he hits hard. After finishing go back to King of Einhoren/Human Town to complete the quest.

Level 66 quest, “The Attack on Water Temper Garden”
Start with Rihit Del Lagos(King of Einhoren/Human town), hand in a work report to Jerop(situated at Limestone Bind) in which he will ask you to hunt down Aqua Archer. Aqua Archer, must be done solo and killable with just 1 person. Can be found at C8 from Pine Plateau Bind. Once done, report back at Jerop.

Level 72 quest, “Monster and More Monster”
From Jerop(at Limestone bind near tentage). Now the target is Aqua Armorer, go to D3 of map Del Lagos/Einhoren, must be done solo and killable with solo. Just beware that he may hit a little hard but has short life. Report to Jerop once done.

Level 80 quest, “Sacred Blood Knights”
From Tyra(at Limestone bind near tentage near Jerop). This involve killing of 50 Luake Fanatic. Luake Fanatic are situated at Spire of Redemption C2 of Limestone bind. As you enter Spire, go to your right, and you will see a few hidden behind the buildings there, dont need to proceed up the stairs as there are none there. There are a total of 10 on the entire right side. Once done, report back to Tyra

Level 82 quest, “Belladios, the Key Instigator”
From Tyra(at Limestone bind near tentage). Involves killing of a mini boss Diozma Belladios. Can be found at I7 of Geizan. If you look specifically at Geizan Map I7, the mini boss is found just alittle South of the River Stream, not above. Must be done solo and can be done solo. Report to Tyra once done.

Level 84 quest, “The Queen that Awaits a Hero”
From Tyra(at Limestone bind near tentage). A visit to Rima Regenon, Queen of Vena town.

Level 84 quest, “Crystal of Chaos”
From Dobert (at Limestone bind near tentage beside Jerop and Tyra), to collect Crystals of Chaos by killing 100 Dulahan Magicians in R4. Can be done in party. Please at least get a high priest before going with this quest and best with some DDs, cuz you going get aggro like mad at R4 and Dullahan Magicians hit hard too. Report back to Dobert once done.

Level 84 quest, “The Wall of Diozma”
From Rima Regenon(from Queen of Vena), then talk to Dobert at Limestone Bind.

Level 84 quest, “With united strength”
From Dobert(at Limestone bind near tentage), to hunt R4 miniboss in each room, set of 4 would be all the lvl75 bosses: Groghtto, Varcyon, Belzac, Fel Conscript. Can be done in party, and please gather at least 2 parties of 9x(or just join in your guild’s daily/weekly/random boss raids) to proceed. Proceed back to Dobert once done.

Level 84 quest, “Soldiers on standby”
From Dobert, talk to Dobert to complete.

Level 84 quest, “Darkness to Light”
From Hoyar(at Limestone bind near tentage next to Dobert), to hunt R4 main boss Zeitgeist right in the middle. Get at least 2 parties of 9x to proceed. Good luck.

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